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Working for the community to make a difference.

Born and raised in Floresville, Texas


Born on March 7th 1959 (Saturday) and by the age of 5 my parents had me working in the fields. My Daddy and Mom, were hard workers. I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters. At age 17,  (June 1976) I joined the Armed Forces U.S. Army and serviced my country for almost 21 years. During my 21 years of Service I did numerous tasks and assignments through out the world.    

How  I Plan to be part of The city of Floresville?

If I get elected to be the Mayor of Floresville, Texas. I plan to get involve and take part in everyway possible and in all directions to assist the City Manager, and all the way down to the smallest family in the City. I like to help people from the youngest age to the oldest, by doing everything in my power and in my HEART. I'm a very religious man and do believe that the only way to live righteous is by doing others right also. By doing the right thing would be to do the same way I would like to be done if I was in their shoes.

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